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The reference tool for teaching
elementary math

Our toolkit comprises an iPad app designed for students and a Teacher Dashboard, which is a web-based platform for managing classes. myBlee Math is available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Students can effortlessly switch between these languages, making myBlee Math a highly valued resource in international schools.

The myBlee Math tools for schools





The teacher accesses their dashboard from a computer at school or at home.
The teacher dashboard allows them to assign exercises to students, individually or to the entire class.

Teacher dashboard


Instantly, students see the work assigned to
them by the teacher and can complete the
exercises. The results are displayed in the
teacher's dashboard.

The teacher oversees the classwork and tracks the

progress of each student in real time on their dashboard.

Teacher dashboard





The intuitive interface, high-quality teaching and relevant use of technology help the natural understanding of mathematical concepts. Students become eager to do mathematics.

Imagined and designed by our founder, a passionate mathematics teacher, myBlee Math capitalizes on the best educational practices: Singapore Maths, Cognitive Sciences, Montessori method, etc.

For each of the thousands of exercises, the tool corrects children when they deceive, by giving them a correction adapted to the error they have just made. This allows thechildren to progress independently.

Request a free trial for your school at

myBlee Math is a valuable tool for my 5th-grade class. I use it on a daily basis to review concepts that we have already covered. It's an excellent tool for differentiation. This is the second year that our school has been using myBlee Math. With the free trial, we were able to test the application without the pressure of being obligated to use it."

I use myBlee Math as a practice phase. Passing the levels motivates them and allows everyone to move forward at their own pace. The children love working like this (as a groups). Every morning when I display the list of activities, they are eager to know which group will be the first to work on myBlee Math.”

myBlee Math myBlee Math had a great impact: it is a source of motivation for students. The rewards system is motivating, and the Teacher Dashboard allows for student tracking. Students are also much more independent. This application allowed me to experience the Singapore method firsthand, which I have decided to incorporate into my classroom practice.”

My first-grade students love myBlee Math! Each one can work at their own level, the exercises are varied and engaging. The children are always thrilled to earn a trophy at the end of a module. I use myBlee Math in workshops (15-20 minutes per group) or as a supplement to a math lesson. The instructions are given orally (so a headset is needed), which is perfect for my first-grade students who are not yet reading rapidly. The illustrations and design are really appealing and make children even more excited to dive into the world of math!”

Another aspect that interested us is the ability to access the American math curriculum. We are a bilingual school where our students are prepared to follow both the French and American education systems.”

The interface of some apps are not suitable for educational use, as the game-like aspect is overemphasized. The myBlee app does not fall into this category of gimmicky apps but can truly be part of the array of pedagogical tools available to teachers.”

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