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The iPad app for learning math
from 5 to 12 years old

Application myBlee Math - Mathématiques App Store - Apprendre les mathématiques aux enfants - Intéractif

Math isn't simply a recipe for calculations, it's a culture, an immense training process. The world of tomorrow asks us to understand, to imagine, to invent more and more elaborate concepts.

A rigorous education on the concepts of mathematics

A comprehensive tool for teaching math from a kindergarten to 6th grade level

Pick and choose from an expansive catalogue of over 2,000 exercises and lessons, which can be repeated indefinitely thanks to our problem-generating algoriths

A high quality pedagogy

which capitalizes on research in neuroscience, Montessori methods, and the Singapore method. The "step by step" teaching method used by myBlee Math, where each mathematical concept is divided into levels of increasing difficulty, allows a deep and long-lasting comprehension of the basics of math.

Interactivity as a learning tool

Geometry tools like the ruler and protractor are as intuitive to handle as on a sheet of paper! The graphics are bright and inviting, and the various in-app rewards are exciting, designed to encourage students to repeat exercises until they thoroughly understand the concepts at hand.

Mathematical reasoning

myBlee Math develops students' logic and reasoning skills, providing them with methods to resolve a multitude of problems. Visual modeling is a major aspect of teaching math in the world of tomorrow.

Adaptive corrections

The myBlee Math app adapts its corrections to each child's errors, thus granting them a great deal of independence in their work. The app detects individual students' strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to progress at their own pace without pressure.

myBlee Math on iPhone
myBlee Math on iPad
réussir en mathématiques an primaire - application myBlee Math - être bon en mathématiques
Application iPad intéractive pour apprendre les mathématiques au primaire - CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 et CM2

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