(English) Ellen F., Jackson County, Georgia

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My third, fourth, and fifth grade math students began using myBlee Math during the 2014-2015 school year. Almost immediately, I noticed an excitement about math that wasn’t there before. I usually have a full classroom of students volunteering to work on math 30 minutes or more before school actually begins! myBlee Math motivates learners to succeed by allowing them to work on their own level at their own pace and offering immediate feedback on their work. My students love the interactivity this program offers.
I feel that myBlee Math has allowed me to improve my effectiveness in the classroom as well. I am more able to work with small groups or individuals knowing that the other students are on-task and learning, evident by their self-motivation. Additionally, when students are motivated by their own success, behavior problems disappear. My administrators and I are so excited about my students’ continual academic growth and performance!
Thank you myBlee Math!