Paper and Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

Nowadays, digital is used more and more in classrooms. Individual learning solutions like myBlee Math take into account student profiles as well as diverse learning methods. Students in one classroom may learn using methods that another class doesn’t; myBlee Math’s goal is to reach the same result but with different paths. Digital tools are not the only answer to this challenge. Ideally, students should be practicing on paper, then with a digital support, and then again on paper to fully get the grasp of a math concept. This is why myBlee Math decided to provide teachers with printable exercise worksheets, available on Teachers Pay Teachers – It sticks to reality: physical supports are still favored when compared to digital resources. This is something the myBlee Math team is very aware of because it includes teachers. It should also be noted that not all classrooms are equipped with iPads.

To get the best of both worlds, other than the digital app (of course!) available in the AppStore, myBlee Math is now available on the community platform, Teachers pay Teachers, with printable worksheets, in English and French. Exercise worksheets are available to print or download for the Math Topics Word Problems, grades K-5th, and Tables & Graphs, grades 1st -6th. More coming soon!

myBlee Math is dedicated to pedagogy above everything!

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Choosing to combine both printed and digital will give more traditional investors and donors the personal experience while showing a larger audience that your organization is committed to innovation through an interactive online report. So when it’s time to consider printing your report or going online, we suggest you choose the benefits of both.

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