Educational Application myBlee Math 3.7 Release Announcement

Education trailblazer myBlee Math announced today the release of version 3.7 of its iOS educational application for K-6 children, delivering 2 major enhancements:

  1. This new myBlee Math delivers a differentiated experience for teachers and parents. Making sure that it answers their specific needs – providing the information they need and specific tools – e.g. access to real time information on children work and progress, on-boarding video to better guide parents and teachers with the rich content in the app, etc.
  2. Working with parents, the myBlee Math teacher team crafted a new monthly progress report. It provides what parents need to support and drive their children progress in Math.

«Beyond our tireless efforts to grow the breadth and depth of our math content for the children, it became clear that our teachers and parents needed specific tools and support, that will make the difference in their ability to motivate and educate. Our goal is for students to enjoy practicing math.” said Laetitia Grail, myBlee Math co-founder and CEO.

For downloading the 3.7 version:

  • Install first myBlee Math on your iPad by downloading from the App Store: It gives access to content and exercises.
  • Then, the iPhone version gives access to parents’ functionalities and will only work after having the iPad version installed.
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