Paper and Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

Nowadays, digital is used more and more in classrooms. Individual learning solutions like myBlee Math take into account student profiles as well as diverse learning methods. Students in one classroom...
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Article #4: Math Knowledge Trees on Vacation

myBlee Math's knowledge maps

Mathematics are Universal! And Mathematics can be clustered in logical areas. This led us to create 16 Math Maps for K-6. Some topics have to be learned in a log...
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Article #1: Multiplication Tables On Vacation

Multiplications tables are tedious, for sure! BUT, no student will ever be good at math without mastering them. To master your multiplication tables, you have to:

myBlee on vacation with you

It’s vacation time (almost)! We’ll be publishing 4 articles this week and then we’ll stop bothering you until the kiddos head back to school, promise. In these articles, we’ll explain Leer más »