Article #3: Learn How to Use a Protractor on Vacation

Part of the “Geometry” myBlee Math cartography is dedicated to angles

The module “Protractor: Make and Measure an Angle” teaches students how to use a protractor and to build or measure angles.
With this concrete example we’ll explain to you how we, @ myBlee Math, build modules, including lessons and exercises, to make sure that your child(ren):
1/ Understand, practice and learn independently
2/ Deeply grasp the math topic with no stone unturned, which you can be confident will be the case once each module’s level has been completed with a 100% success rate.

Let’s get ready for success!

The teaching of how to use a protractor is broken down into five visual and spoken lessons and six levels of step-by-step exercises. Lessons and exercises are intertwined to make the progression natural. Below a quick grasp on each of our six levels of exercises in this module:

Level 1: measure an angle by pivoting the protractor which has already been centered, using a simplified protractor (one graduation and 10-by-10 degrees).


Level 2: create an angle by moving the lines of the angle using the simplified protractor.


Level 3: here, the protractor’s graduation has been complemented to include single-degree graduation. The student measures an angle by pivoting the protractor which has already been centered.


Level 4: here (and in the following levels) we’ll work with the complete protractor with double graduation. The tool places the protractor while your child reads the angle and writes the answer.


Level 5: measure an angle using the protractor (not centered). This level combines all the difficulties of the previous levels and is a great test to make sure your child has understood everything.


Level 6: build an angle based on its measure in degrees, by placing the protractor and moving the lines of the angle.

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