Sherry G., 5th Grade – McKissick Elementary School

2014-2015 was the first school year I used myBlee Math and I LOVE it! myBlee Math teaches the concept, visually shows the process, and then gives students different levels of practice until the skill is mastered. Additionally, myBlee Math will stop a student when the question is incorrect to reteach the concept. This way, the student may NOT move on until the question is correct, with the guided help of the program of course. This is so much better than students continually getting answers wrong over and over. It is like having another teacher in the classroom. Furthermore, the mathematical test scores of my students moved up. Sixteen out of eighteen students grew by double digits for the school year. Average growth is 6 points per student. My class had an average growth of 15 points per student! I just can’t say enough about myBlee Math and how amazing it is for this technological generation.