The myBlee Math iPad app is free to download. Teachers creating an account with their email address have one month unlimited usage of myBlee Math.

A Classroom Teacher can purchase myBlee Math Classroom for $550 per year. It includes unlimited usage of myBlee Math by the teacher and the students (max 25), access to myBlee Math Teacher Dashboard, access to professional development material, and technical support along the school year. The Teacher Dashboard enables teachers to track and monitor the work and progress of his/her students.

Schools’ and districts’ license prices are driven by the number of students, technical support as well as the need for teachers’ training / professional development. myBlee Math offers free classroom pilots to schools and districts.

To get started with free testing on your iPad, you just need to go on the App Store, search for myBlee Mathalbert and download the application. This last step can take between 2 and 10 minutes depending on the quality of your Internet connection.

Then, click onalbertand chose “I’m A Teacher”:

  • watch myBlee Math’s intro video
  • create your account – your email will be requested to benefit from the one month free test perido for teachers and also for receiving information relevant for you and your class.
  • create 1 to 5 students profile (name, grade, etc.)

As you are a teacher, we are delighted to offer you one month free and unlimited usage of myBlee Math. Make the best out of it!

To access the Teacher dashboard, you have to contact us and have at least a myBlee Math Classroom Subscription.

You represent a School or a District, feel free to contact us to check your eligibility for myBlee Math Free Pilot. We will provide you with licenses adapted to your needs (grade, number of students and number of iPads).



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