myBlee Math is the best K-6 iPad math application. Crafted by teachers, aligned to Common Core, TEKS, and other high-quality standards, myBlee Math covers K-6 Math (5-12 year old children) with thousands of exercises, manipulatives, video lessons, and adaptive feedback.

Each Math curriculum topic is developed in a module. Subjects covered include 16 math areas such as Fractions, Geometry, Add & Subtract, World Problems, or Logic. myBlee Math provides 250 modules – including c. 2000 lessons and level of exercises. Each level of exercise asks new questions when a students get back into it. Therefore there is no limit to practice and progress with myBlee Math.

What teachers love about myBlee Math:

  • Student Engagement – myBlee Math is a practicing tool for students. The quality of the interface, the level of interactivity, the good pedagogy and the rewards really stimulate and engage students, that will start to ask doing math doing myBlee Math
  • World-Class Pedagogy to Foster Individualized Teaching – Students receive an individualized learning experience tailored to their mathematical strengths and needs, at their own pace. Teachers can then focus on students who experience difficulties.
  • One Comprehensive Single Tool – Crafted by teachers for teachers, aligned with the Common Core State Standards for elementary school math, myBlee delivers to tablets 1,000 interactive lessons and exercises, in 200 modules.
  • Efficient Class Progress Tracking Tool  – xxx


How teachers use myBlee Math in the classroom?

  • Practice a Specific Topic – The teacher points all students to practice (in myBlee Math) a specific topic that has been studied earlier in the classroom.
  • Group Individualized Work – Let students pick math topics they want to practice and / or progress at their own speed in an area of math. Focusing Teacher time on supporting the students when they encounter difficulties.
  • Remediation – In the classroom or at home, the teacher asks a specific student to work on his / her areas of challenge by working on myBlee Math specific modules.
  • Math Topic Discovery – Teachers ask students to discover a math topic on their own first (going through relevant myBlee Math video tutorials and exercises) before coming back to that topic in the classroom.

myBlee Math technology innovation is a combination of 7 million exercises already completed by students around the world + a massive collaborative filtering system similar to the machine learning techniques used by giants of the tech industry like Google, Amazon and Netflix. It’s Big Data for Education: a large amount of data is collected to create, update and refine the recommendations in real time. Then the recommendations improve, as they are created according to past activities: which exercises were completed, how much time the student spend on the app, and the results obtained by the student. With each module and new results obtained, the algorithm recalculates the personalized module list to adapt to the student’s profile and new results in real time.

Content is available in English, French and Spanish, therefore perfectly adapted to bilingual and international schools.

As a teacher, you have access to a dedicated section. This section allows you to follow each of your student progress and results.

A Teacher Dashboard crafted for Teachers’ specific needs

Teacher Dashboard – Classroom Activities Feed

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Teacher Dashboard – Per Student View

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Teacher Dashboard – Per Module View For All Classroom

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Teacher Dashboard – Per Grade Level and Module View

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