To get started, just go on the App Store, search for myBlee Mathalbert, download the application on your iPad. This last step can take between 2 and 10 minutes depending on you Internet connection.

Then, click onalbertand follow the below 3 steps to create your child(ren) profiles:

  • watch myBlee Math video presentation to understand how it works
  • create your child(ren) profile(s) (name and grade)
  • create your account – your email address is requested to have free access 10 mins a week and to receive information about your child(ren) progress and educational advices. Your child(ren) will never access or need this email address when reconnecting to their individualized path.

It’s now your child(ren)’s turn to start on myBlee Math Campus. A tutorial screen will explain him or her how to use the interface buttons, the first suggested exercise will appear and let’s go!

Discover myBlee Math 

Learn how to access myBlee Math lessons and exercises.

Create And Edit A Profile

Discover how to create profiles for your child(ren) to get personalized teaching. 

Get Started

Discover how to use myBlee Math so that your child(ren) can learn and enjoy.

Win Prizes

Discover how your child(ren) will be encouraged and motivated by receiving fun prizes and rewards. 


Parent Panel

Discover how to access detailed progress report, tutorials, account settings, etc.

Real Time Progress Update on the iPhone

Download the iPhone App and have real time update on your child(ren) activities and progress and be able to congratulate them via your iPhone. For more information, click here.




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