myBlee Math

Crafted by teachers, myBlee Math covers K-6 Math (5-12 year old children) with thousands of exercises, manipulatives, video lessons, and adaptive feedback, all aligned to Common Core, TEKS, and other high-quality standards. It took 3 years for a team of experienced teachers to create myBlee Math and it is carefully tested with children to ensure that learning is always interactive, rewarding, and fun.

4 key differentiators for myBlee Math, “my Best lesson ever”:

  • A Single Comprehensive Solution: Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for elementary school math, myBlee delivers to tablets 2,000 interactive lessons and level of exercises.
  • Homework Support: Short lessons and highly interactive exercises allow kids to review massive amounts of math topics from anywhere and at their own pace.
  • Adaptive Learning: Kids receive an individualized learning experience tailored to their mathematical strengths and needs, while parents and teachers can follow their progress.
  • Highly Interactive and Engaging for Children: myBlee Math leverages latest technologies to make it more interactive and more fun for the kids to practice math – e.g. writing recognition, embedded teacher to give instructions and explain the mistakes, videos, rewards to incentivize them to work (trophies, puzzles, badges, etc.)