User Tutorial: myBlee Math on the iPhone


Parents can follow their child(ren)’s progress with the myBlee Math iPhone application! Exercises are not available on the iPhone (on purpose – too small of a screen for math), myBlee Math iPhone app allows you to be informed of your child(ren)’s activities and progresses, and to send encouraging messages, suggestions and rewards directly to them on their myBlee Math on the iPad.

If you have already created your account on your iPad, go directly to “Once you create an account on your iPad, download myBlee on your iPhone”. If not, download the application on your iPad, and create a myBlee Math account.

Make your way to the Parent Panel. Click on “My Account” and then click on “Create a myBlee Math account”.

You can choose to create an account using Facebook or with your email address.



Once you create an account on your iPad, download myBlee on your iPhone. Choose the name (Dad, Mom, etc) that will appear on your child’s iPad.


Connect with your Facebook account or email address (the same one that you used to create your myBlee Math account).

You should then accept to receive notifications about your child’s work. This will allow you to later send rewards and suggestions.

While your child plays in myBlee Math, you’ll receive notifications letting you know which exercises they are working on.


If you’d like to congratulate your child, click “Send a Prize” when the notification appears. If you’d like to recommend a module to your child, click “Suggest”.


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