myBlee on vacation with you

It’s vacation time (almost)! We’ll be publishing 4 articles this week and then we’ll stop bothering you until the kiddos head back to school, promise. In these articles, we’ll explain how to maximize myBlee Math’s potential during the summer months as well as how your children can become better learners.

There are several options for what to do with this information, a choice for everyone:

1. You can enjoy your vacation 100%, no math for the kids this summer.
With this option, you don’t even read our articles and voila, it’s done.

2. You think our articles are TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read).
In this case, you put the article aside to read later or just delete it 😁

3. And for the last option, you can decide to take a little time to work with your children throughout the summer.
This way they’ll stay on top of their math skills and be ready and roaring to start the new school year.

So that’s it, just 4 articles to read and you’re done.

In the mean time, enjoy the sunshine and have a great summer!