Best of Modules in myBlee Math

Modules we’re proud of!

The Helper – Check out level 5, The Helper will explain everything. 🗣
Recognize Parallel Lines – Use level 3 to stay on track! 🏎
Discover the secrets of the pyramids (and Solids) in level 5. 👳
Learn Shapes in level 3 – Be there or be square! 🔳
We live in a divided world – Level 1 explains how with Line Symmetry. ⛏🔫
Look at your progress! Get started with Graphs in levels 1 and 6. 📈
Which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? Find out in level 2 as you explore Measuring Masses. ⏲
Don’t get lost! Find your way with Coordinates in level 2. 📍
Get in line, the number line! Count your way through level 4. 💯
Which half of the pizza is bigger? Compare Fractions in level 3 to find out! 🍕

Get ready to have some fun with your children!